Google Analytics

Send Events to GA4 with GTM custom event

The new Google Analytics 4 is event-driven, so the data you see in reports comes from events that are triggered by interactions a user has with your web/app. GA4 has built-in events that you should take advantage of before going to custom events, mainly because you don't have to code anything to use most of these events and they will have better integration and support for reporting and data analysis. Here I will show an implementation of GTM custom event ...

How to Configure Google Site Kit in WordPress

If you own a website or work with internet marketing chances are that you use some of the tools created by Google. Thinking about the millions of WordPress users, Google has created the Site Kit plugin to integrate their tools. Site Kit is a free WordPress plugin that brings to your dashboard information about some of your Google pixels, such as Search Console, Google Analytics, PageSpeed Insights and AdSense. Requirements WordPress blog Site Kit by Google plugin installed Log into ...