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How to Configure Google Site Kit in WordPress

If you own a website or work with internet marketing chances are that you use some of the tools created by Google. Thinking about the millions of WordPress users, Google has created the Site Kit plugin to integrate their tools.

Site Kit is a free WordPress plugin that brings to your dashboard information about some of your Google pixels, such as Search Console, Google Analytics, PageSpeed Insights and AdSense.


Log into your WP admin and find Site Kit by Google in the top left menu.

Site Kit by Google First Screen

Next, sign in with your Google account and verify tour website ownership.

Verify site ownership in Site Kit by Google

After the site verification, Google will ask you to allow your website to access your account data.

Allow website to collect Google Account data in Site Kit by Google

The last step is to add your site to the Search Console (Site Kit will do it automatically for you). After that you can connect Google Services with WordPress.

Site Kit by Google in WP Dashboard

It is as simples as that. You can connect the services that you might feel that you need as Google won’t keep asking you to do it.

Site Kit is a good plugin if you plan to connect more than one service (otherwise is just overkill) and the fact that you can’t do much to edit a connected service bothers me a little bit. For instance, I’ve connected one of my URLs in the search console with ‘http’ but I would like to change to ‘https’ and I can’t do it. Frustrating, however in general Site Kit makes your life easier to add your favorite Google services.


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