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How to create a data stream in Google Analytics 4

GA4 is the new property-to-go for Google Analytics, which was built to combine mobile app and website usage data. The way Google collects it is through data streams, and you can set it up to 46 for your property. Gather app and website data together isn’t the only advantage of GA4: this property also shows total unique users across all platforms, advanced analysis (which was available only to GA 360 users), free connections to Big Query, scroll tracking, video tracking, outbound click tracking, customer journey across platforms and many more…

Important: Google is likely to stop support Universal Analytics (GA3) in the future so, even if you don’t own a mobile app they still recommend that you use GA4.

Google Analytics 4 Realtime overview screen

Firstly, create a Google Analytics account and/or a GA4 property if you don’t have one. However, if you already have one you just need to set up a new data stream using the following steps.

  1. Go to Admin on the bottom left corner of the page
    Google Analytics Go to Admin
  2. Create a new GA4 property (Skip this step if you already did this)
    Google Analytics Create GA4 Property
  3. Now you can create a new data stream to collect your website or app data (in this example we will go with Web data stream)
    GA4 Web data stream selection
  4. Fill in your website data. Here you can see that GA4 measures new interactions that in older properties you had to configure by yourself such as page scrolls, files downloaded, clicks, and others.
    GA4 Web data stream configuration
  5. After that, Google Analytics will give you a measurement id and tagging instructions on how to install your pixel. You can use gtag.js or Google Tag Manager to install your pixel.
    GA4 Web data stream information

That’s all. Now just wait a couple days to data come in and have fun.

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